What is Daily Devos?

Our team produces daily Biblical interpretations and devotionals

Exclusively thought for people who wish to make an evolution in their way of knowing the Bible and its writings.

We believe as a community that the Bible is one of the fundamentals elements for the spiritual growth.

The Bible is for you and for everyone who want to meet God in His Words. It doesn't matter if you haven't read the bible in a long time. No knowledge is necessary to enjoy the Scriptures. Daily Devos interpretations are perfect for today´s context, wherever you are.

“After working with different communities in Latin America I decided to return to my country and began to participate with the Daily Devos interpretation group. It is beautiful the quality of work and people that make up this community. We have many believers in the group who enjoy reading the interpretations and readings that we prepare daily.” Vivian Cho

Vivian Cho is part of the Daily Devos team, produces and interprets the Bible in differents ways (prayer programs, podcast, articles and devotionals).

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Our e-Book is the result of the work of women who want to help others believers to find themselves again in the Lord´s way.

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